About the Conference
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About the Conference

Thrust always has been towards taking advantage of the newer developments in the area of materials for strategic sectors like aerospace, nuclear research, defense, energy, etc. Selection of metallic materials for these applications involves simultaneous consideration of a number of diverse scientific, technological, environmental and commercial factors. A synergy among material scientist, designer, processing engineer, fabricator and quality controller eventually leads to meeting the challenges and requirements of advanced systems for these sectors. Therefore, an integrated multi-disciplinary approach involving R&D organization, academia and industries is very essential to achieve this synergy.

This international conference aims at providing a platform for the experts from various R&D labs, academic institutions and industries to share their scientific and technical experience as well as results of their work on relevant topics. The conference also endeavors to facilitate interactions on the latest global trends, and issues in this area. It is expected that deliberations among professionals would fructify in working out future directions and formulating a comprehensive approach towards meeting goals of the strategic sectors with respect to planning, processing, characterization and adoption of advanced metallic materials and manufacturing processes in the years ahead.

ICAMPS-2012 also plans to felicitate Dr. P.P. Sinha who heads the Materials and Mechanical Entity of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Indian Space Research Organization and will be superannuating from service on January 31, 2012 for his outstanding contributions to research, development and manufacturing of space materials and systems in India.

Conference Themes
Topics related to Metallic Materials in the areas of:
Structural Application
Smart, Functional and Nano Materials
Advanced Processing
Assembly and Inspection of Systems
Joining Methods
High Temperature and Cryogenic Applications
Characterization Techniques
Modern Manufactures Techniques
Thermal Protection Systems
Non-Destructive Testing