Awards winners list
IIM chapter day Dec2013
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IIM, Trivandrum chapter - List of Award Winners
"The first Prof. Brahm Prakash Best Ph.D. Thesis Award of the IIM, Trivandrum Chapter is conferred to Dr. Rohit Kumar Gupta, Scientist F, MPA/MME, VSSC, Trivandrum for the Ph.D. thesis entitled "Deformation Studies of   +  2 Titanium Aluminides processed through Reaction Synthesis". Dr. Gupta had received the Ph.D. degree from IIT Roorkee under the guidance of Prof. Vijaya Agarwala, IIT-Roorkee and Dr. P.P. Sinha, VSSC, Trivandrum.

"Prof. Brahm Prakash Metals and Materials Quiz conducted by IIM Trivandrum Chapter - Mr. Vamsee Krishna and Mr. Aravind J Students of Arya Central School, Pattom, Trivandrum
IIM, Trivandrum chapter - Honouring Award Winning Members
  S No
Dr. Koshy M George,
Deputy Director, VSSC
"Lifetime achievement award "of
Society of Aerospace Manufacturing
Engineers (SAME).
Dr. K.G.K. Warrier 
CSIR Emeritus Scientist,
Materials Science and Technology
Division,  CSIR-NIIST
Two life time achievement awards…
1. Indian Society for Analytical
Chemistry Award 2012
2. Sri Kishan Modi Memorial Award
by Indian Ceramic Society 2013
Sri. Niraj Nayan, VSSC
(Co-Authors-Dr. SVSN Murty, Dr.
Koshy M George)
Received the GS Tendulkar Best
paper award during NMD-ATM
2013 at Varanasi
Dr. Thomas Tharian (LPSC, Tvm) &

(1. K.Kumar , MME/LPSC- New
2. Joby Thomas MME/LPSC- New
3. Anoop CR MME/LPSC- New
4. Vartha Venkateasrlu SRQA/LPSC-
New member
5. VMJ Sarma VSSC
6. G. Sudarsana Rao VSSC)
ISRO Team Excellence Award for 
indigenisation of VIKAS Engine
Mr. E. Jeyakumar, CSIR-NIIST

(Co-authors: Praveen A.P., K.K.
Ravikumar, T.P.D. Rajan, B.C. Pai
and V.R. Rajeev)
ISRS Best Paper award for the
paper presented in the International
Symposium for Research Scholars
on Metallurgy, Materials Science and
Engineering (ISRS-2012), December
13-15, IIT- Madras, Chennai
Mrs. Laksmi V, CSIR-NIIST

(Co-authors: Annu Raju, Resmi V.G.,
Deepa J.P., T.P.D. Rajan, C.
Pavithran, B.C. Pai)
Best Paper award in the National
Conference on Materials Science
and Technology (NCMST-2013),
July 10-12, 2013, IIST, Trivandrum