IIM AGM minutes 2012
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The Indian Institute of Metals, Trivandurm Chapter
Minutes of XXXIIIrd  AGM held on 25th May 2012
XXXIIIrd AGM of the Institute of Metals was held at Hotel S.P. Grand Days Trivandurm on 25th May 2011 at 7.30 PM. The agenda of the meeting was as follows:
1. To approve the minutes of the XXXIInd AGM held on 15th July, 2011.

2. To present and approve of the Report of activities of the chapter for the
    year 2011-12

3. To present and approve accounts of the chapter for the year 2011-12.

4. To present a proposal on constitution of 'Prof. Brahm Prakash student thesis award'

5. To present one resolution as given below.

6. To consider any other matter with the permission of the chair.
Minutes of the GB meeting
1. Forty-five (45) members attended the XXXIIIrd AGM of the Indian Institute of
Metals was held at Hotel S.P. Grand Days on 25th May 2012.

2. Meeting started with silent prayer. Chairman welcomed the members to the meeting
and thanked them for their presence. After welcome address, chairman continued with
his presidential address in which he highlighted salient achievements of the present
executive committee. He appreciated members for their dedication and hard work for
organizing International conference ICAMPS-2012 successfully. He also thanked all
executive committee members for their hard work and co-operation. He informed the
GB about the forthcoming events such as workshop on 'high temperature materials and
hot structures' and the seminar on 'Microstructure'.

3. The minutes of the XXXIInd AGM held on 15th July, 2011 at Hotel Pankaj was read
by the Hon. Secretary, which was approved by the GB.

4. The Hon. Secretary then presented the report for the year 2011-2012. During the
discussion members thanked VSSC and NIIST for the support received for the chapter
activities. It was included and the GB approved the report.

5. Hon. Treasurer presented the audited chapter accounts as on 31/03/2012 and
Building fund account as on 31/03/2012. GB approved the accounts.

6. It was informed by Chairman that IIM H.O. has enquired about the utilization of
building fund amount. On this, discussion took place and finally a committee has been
formed by GB to look into it. Committee members for finalizing proposals for the
utilization of building fund are Dr. M. R. Suresh, Dr. S.C. Sharma, Shri M.C. Shaji, Dr.
P Ramesh Narayanan and Dr. Harikishna Bhatt. Committee shall be bringing out a
formal proposal, which can be discussed in an extra ordinary GBM within a period of
six months. 

7. It is noted that seminar (LACOM) accounts, which was conducted earlier is not
closed even after a long time. It was suggested and Shri. M C Shaji, Chairman, LOC
agreed to close it within 3 months. Similarly, Sri. A K Jha, Convener, LOC, ICAMPS
agreed to close its accounts within a month. It has also been decided that for all
seminar / conferences / workshops the accounts shall be closed within six months from
the date of seminar/ conference.  (Action: Sri. M C Shaji and Sri. A K Jha)

8. A formal proposal on constitution of 'Prof. Brahm Prakash student thesis award' was
presented. GB discussed various classes of award proposals and approved with minor
modification in the name of award and number of members in evaluation committee. It
shall be known as 'Prof. Brahm Prakash best thesis award' and 5 members team (3
members from IIM Tvm Chapter + 2 non members) shall be there in the evaluation
committee, instead of 4 members as suggested in original proposal. Committee also
approved for creation of a corpus fund of Rs. 5.0 lakh for this purpose, which shall be
drawn from the building fund. The award for best Ph.D. thesis will carry Rs.15000.00
and for the best Masters thesis/report will carry Rs. 10000.00. In addition, a citation will
also be presented.

9. The main income of the chapter is only the grant received from head quarters, which
is not sufficient to meet the expenses of the chapter activities. Hence the GB had
passed a resolution earlier to transfer 50% of the interest received/accrued every year
in the building fund account to the chapter account subject to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh
to meet chapter expenses. In the current financial year, the total accrued interest
comes to about Rs.158000 only. It is to be noted that 50% of this amount is insufficient
to conduct the chapter activities. In order to have smooth functioning of the chapter, the
Executive Committee decided to put the following resolution to the General Body to
modify the above resolution as below and to obtain its approval:

The Executive Committee is permitted to transfer Rs. 1 lakh every year from
the interest received / accrued in the ‘Building Fund account’ to the ‘Chapter
account’ to meet the regular chapter expenses”.
The resolution was approved.  A copy of the proposal is enclosed with this minute.      

10. Vice Chairman released the eMetnews formally. Chairman's suggestion to circulate

11. Hon. Secretary gave away the vote of thanks. He congratulated the members for
their achievements and eMetnews editors for the new initiative. He further stated
requested the members for their continued co-operation and support.  

The meeting concluded at 9.30 PM, which was followed by the dinner.

Chairman                                                                                  Hon. Secretary