Member's Achievements
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1.Dr. B.K. Sarkar VSSC, TrivandrumNMD1979Development of Catalysts for space Application
2.Shri. M.J. Nair Shri.V.Ramachanra Shri. George Thomas VSSC, TrivandrumNMD1983Design and fabrication of special purpose. Titanium alloy tanks and equipments used in the space vehicle
3.Dr. B.K.BalasubramanianNMD1985The Development of high technology aluminium alloys required for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
4.Shri.M.NarendranathN.B. Sen Memorial Medal1986For the best candidate in Part-II AMIIM examination held in 1985 and Prize
5.Shri.M.NarendranathDr.A.K.Bose, Bose Medal1990For the thesis on “Studies on Rapidly solidified intermetallic aluminies” which was adjudged as the best ME thesis presented during the year
6.Shri.M.C. Mittal Shri. K. Suseelan Nair VSSC, TrivandrumNMD1992Magnesium Alloy technology Development for Space Applications
7.Dr. B.C. Pai Dr. R.M. Pillai Dr. K.G.S. Sathyanarayana Shri.V.S. Kelukutty RRL, TrivandrumBinani Gold Medal1993For the best paper published in the non-ferrous group in Transactions of IIM during 1992 for the paper TP 1582 on “Synthesis of Aluminium Metal Matrix composites by recasting route”
8.Dr. B.C. Pai RRL, TrivandrumNMD1995For significant contributions to the Metal Matrix composites particularly indigenous technology for Aluminium alloy Matrix Composite by stir casting
9.Shri. N. Sivasubramanian VSSC, TrivandrumNMD1996For the development of Beryllium Components for space applications
10.Dr. P.P. Sinha VSSC, TrivandrumMetallurgist of the year1997For the significant contributions to the development of Maraging Steels and development of Ultra High Strength Low Alloy Steel, cryogenic and special materials for ISRO
11.Dr. S.V.S. Narayanamurthy VSSC, TrivandrumNMD Young Metallurgist2001For outstanding contributions in the area of metal workability parameters of obtaining defect free product in materials
12.Shri. S.C.Sharma VSSC, TrivandrumMetallurgist of the year2003For the significant contributions to the development of special purpose materials, carbon foams and microgravity materials processing research.
13.Shri. Rohit Kumar Gupta VSSC, TrivandrumNMD Young Metallurgist2009For his contribution in Indigenous Development, Processing and Characterization of Super alloy, Columbium alloy and HSLA steel for aerospace applications
14.Dr. P.P. Sinha VSSC, TrivandrumTATA Gold Medal, VSSC, Trivandrum2010For his significant contribution towards development of materials for Launch Vehicle Programme
15.Dr. Bhanu Pant VSSC, TrivandrumMetallurgists of the year2011For his significant contribution in strategic Indian space programs by development of processing technology for Ti alloys, intermetallics and bimetallics components
16.Shri. Niraj Nayan VSSC, TrivandrumCertificate of Excellence2011For his noteworthy contribution in the development of melting & casting technology of Ni-Ti and Ni-Ti based ternary shape memory alloys.
17.Dr. T.P.D. Rajan, CSIR- NIIST, TrivandrumIIM NALCO Gold Medal2015For his significant contribution in the processing of Al alloy composite and functionally graded materials.
18.Dr. S. Chenna Krishna, VSSC, TrivandrumNMD Young Metallurgist2017For his significant contribution in the developments of Cu alloys for space applications.
19.Dr. S.V.S. Narayana Murthy, VSSC, TrivandrumMetallurgist of the Year2018For his contributions to the development, processing and characterization of aerospace materials for launch vehicle applications.