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1.Metallurgical Imperatives for the State of KeralaApril1981
2.Physical Metallurgy of High Alloys SteelsDecember1981
3.Aluminum for Electronic and Aerospace IndustriesDecember1982
4.Titanium for Chemical, Aerospace and other IndustriesJanuary1984
5.Metal ProcessingJanuary1985
6.Heat Treatment and Phase TransformationJanuary1986
7.Failure of Engineering MaterialsJanuary1987
8.Materials for Advance TechnologiesJanuary1989
9.Materials Processing-Emerging TrendsMarch1990
10.Lights Structural Materials: Science and TechnologyJanuary1991
11.Indigenization of Materials in Key SectorsJanuary1992
12.Standardization, Testing and Quality Control of MaterialsDecember1992
13.Materials with Controlled Properties for Advance TechnologiesFebruary1994
14.Materials for Extreme EnvironmentsJanuary1995
15.Advanced Materials and ProcessesJanuary1996
16.Characterization of MaterialsAugust1998
17.Materials Processing and Characterization Challenges and ProspectsFebruary2000
18.Advanced Materials and Processes for the New MillenniumFebruary2001
19.Processing, Characterization and Applications of Light Structural Materials for Frontier SectorsFebruary2002
20.Science and Technology of Advanced Engineering Materials (STAEM-2003)February2003
21.International Symposium on Metal and Materials from Titanium Minerals 42 nd NMD and 58 th ATM of IIMNovember2004
22.Advances in Nano, Metal and Ceramic matrix compositesFebruary2006
23.Advanced materials for hostile environments present scenario And future perspectivesMarch2007
24.Special Purpose, Strategic and Futuristic Materials for High Technology SectorsOctober2008
25.Light Metals, Alloys and Composite for Aerospace Automotive Defence and Energy SectorApril2011
26.1 st International conference on Advanced Metallic MaterialsJanuary2012
27.International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (ICFM 2014)[in collaboration with CSIR-NIIST, MRSI-Trivandrum Chapter, InCerS-Kerala Chapter and The Society of Polymer Science (India) Trivandrum Chapter]February2014
28.2 nd International conference on Advanced Metallic Materials and Manufacturing Process (ICAMPS 2015)May2015
29.International conference on Advanced Materialsand Processes (ADMAT 2017) [in collaboration with ISRO, ASM, SAME, MRSI-Trivandrum Chapter]December2017
30.3 rd International conference on Advanced Metallic Materials and Manufacturing Process (ICAMPS 2018)October2018


1.Destructive and Non-destructive Testing for Engineering ApplicationsMarch1983
2.Foundry Technology for Quality ProductsJuly1984
3.Heat Treatment and Metallographic for Quality ProductsSeptember1985
4.International Workshop on Solidification and Application to Materials Processing (INTSOL)November1996
5.Metallurgy for Non MetallurgistsDecember2010
6.High Temperature Materials and Hot StructuresMay2013
7.Advanced Materials Characterization TechniquesAugust2017