Technical Sessions / Proceedings
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Technical Sessions / Proceedings

The conference will feature lead lectures, plenary lectures and invited talks by heads of R&D organizations, captains of industries, eminent material scientist and academicians from all over the world. Contributory papers submitted by researchers will be presented in poster sessions. Proceedings of the conference will be published in ‘Materials Science Forum’ by M/s Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland ( All delegates will be provided with a copy of technical proceedings with their registration kit.

The eminent speakers who have confirmed their participation in the conference till date, includes:
Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, Indian Space Research Organization
Prof. P. Rama Rao, ARCI, Hyderabad
Prof. Warren Garrison, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Prof. Jim Williams, Ohio State University, USA
Dr .Shiro Torizuka, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
Mr. M. Narayana Rao, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, Hyderabad
Prof. Hu Chul Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
Prof. L. Katgerman, Delft University, Netherlands
Prof. Dipankar Banerjee, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr. G. Malakondaiya, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
Prof. David Matlock, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Prof. Cecilia Poletti, Technische Universitat Graz, Austria
Prof. Brajendra Mishra, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Prof. Es-Said, Loyola Marymount University, USA
Dr. A.K.Mukhopadhyay, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
Prof. K. Bhanu Sankara Rao, University of Hyderabad
Prof. P.M. Pandey, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Dr. kart Ulrich Kainer, magnesium Innovation centre, Germany
Prof. Omkar Nath Mohanthy, RSB, Metaltech, India
Prof Michel Suery, Grenoble University, France
      Guidelines for Making a Poster for poster session at the International
Conference on Advances in Metallic Materials and Manufacturing Processes
                                 for Strategic Sectors (ICAMPS-2012)

                                     Guidelines for Making a Poster
1. Poster boards will be provided at the conference site.
2. The actual printed posters should be no larger than1200 mm (height) by 900
    mm (width). Oversized posters will not be accommodated. The size of the
    poster should be of A0 size (1189 mm Height and 841 mm Width).
3. Posters will be affixed to the poster boards using double-sided tape / pushpins,
    which will be provided at the site by the organisers.
4. The poster header should include the following information:
        a. poster title
        b.  author names
       c.  affiliation
       d.  authors' email address
5. A complete poster includes an Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
6. A minimum letter size of 18 pt is recommended. The title should be legible at
    3 meters distance; text should be legible at 1.5 meters distance.
7. Do not give too many details. Display only the important information; avoid clutter.
8. Handouts of the display reinforce the take-home message
9. Authors must be present during a scheduled poster session to answer questions
    and discuss their work. The posters may be put up in advance.
10. Prizes for best posters will be decided on the basis of technical content and